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The ImageLink macro was used to work around some link markup deficiencies in MoinMoin up version 1.5.x.

Starting with 1.6.0, it was replaced by better link/transclusion markup. The migration scripts converted all old content from 1.5 to the new syntax of 1.6, including replacing usage of ImageLink macro by builtin new syntax.

Problem: this does not stop wiki users using the ImageLink macro, thus it was removed from the distribution archive for release 1.6.1 (you can still get it from MacroMarket if you insist on using it). We should have done this for 1.6.0 of course, but well, it was overlooked. If you used moin 1.6.0 and your users have added ImageLink macro calls to the content of your wiki, please use full text search to locate them and replace them as you see below.

Old way:


New way:

[[target|{{image|alt|width=123 height=456}}]]

You see, this is a quite natural way:

2016-06-05 21:42